Prashant Chaubey

Hello 👋,

I'm Prashant 😊.

I work as a Software Engineer in Notifications team at HubSpot. I am from India and came to Dublin last year for my Masters.

I consider myself as an ambivert and take some time to open up. I speak English and Hindi (Not difficult to guess). 

I spend most of my time playing chess or video-games (I mostly play for story/campaigns, not much multiplayer). If you are into Counter-Strike (1.6/GO) or Age of empires 3 just tell me the time and place and I will be there. If you are a chess aficionado you can find me on lichess. I took up cooking seriously last year. I love Trap music and currently experimenting with a Ukulele.

We can talk about chess, video games, trap music, tech, cooking, or Ukulele.  

Connect with me on: Linkedin